Our Distinctives

A church with a Bible-preaching, Christ-centered ministry
We do not teach what we think, but what God says according to the Scriptures. Instruction from the Word of God is the foundation of every service, and the exaltation of Jesus Christ is the aim of every teacher.

A church which is non-denominational
We do not want to make you Methodist, Presbyterian, or Baptist. We want to help you become a stronger believer in Christ.

A church which supports itself with free-will offerings
We operate entirely on the faithful giving of the Lord’s people. We do not have rummage sales, bingo, or pledges.

A church which is independent
We stand against the apostasy of the National and World Councils of Churches, the ecumenical movement, and denominations which have abandoned the Biblical Gospel for a social message. It is our belief that these have been purveyors of unbelief, inaccurate theology, and unbiblical ecumenism.

A church which seeks to maintain holiness in worship
Because our Lord is a God of holiness and order, we strive for worship that reflects the same.

A church which is missions oriented
We help support over a dozen missionary families around the world to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A church which seeks to welcome you as a neighbor
We desire to demonstrate the love of Christ to any who choose to worship with us.
Whether you are single or married, child or adult, our age appropriate classes are designed for your spiritual profit.

A church which sponsors a private Christian school
For further information, call Mentor Christian School at 440-257-3172.