From the Elders

Dear Friends,

Please take a few minutes to read the following.

On Sunday evening, August 14, 2016, I shared with our church family a letter from the church elders. Below are the introductory comments I made, and the letter is available via the link that follows.

The leadership of Bible Community Church has drafted a letter of recognition, confession and repentance seeking reconciliation to people that we as a ministry have sinned against, whether that be through Bible Community Church or Mentor Christian School.

I prefaced my comments to our church about who this letter is for and who it is not for.
1. This letter is NOT for someone who has heard a clear presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ, but has turned their back on Christianity because humbling themselves before Christ was offensive to them.
2. This letter is NOT for someone like a young man who grew up here who said, “I knew I was doing wrong, and I just didn’t care.”
3. This letter is NOT for you if you have attended the church or the school here and have not seen any problems or you can’t think of any way that someone has sinned against you. If that is your case, “Amen,” and “Praise the Lord.”

Who then is this letter for? This is for people, some who are followers of Jesus Christ, and others who are not followers of Jesus, whom we as a ministry, a church that also runs a Christian school, have actually sinned against in various ways; in doing so we have failed to please and glorify the Lord. This perhaps has been in the distant past, the not so distant past, or even the very recent past of even this past year. Because of who we are as sinners, we recognize that we all stumble in many ways and in many areas and we all have sinned against others as well. What we want to do is be quick repenters. But this letter is directed to people in this category of “As a ministry, we have sinned against you in different ways.” This is not done to clear our name—our name is not what is important. This is done in order to bring glory to our King, Jesus’ name—something that NONE of us have ever done perfectly. However, we want to confess where we have sinned, we want to ask forgiveness and we want to seek reconciliation.

I would ask that if you have an issue with us as a ministry, that you not air that all out publicly, but please call us (440-257-1238), write us an email at or send a private message in the spirit of Matthew 18:15-18 to my Facebook page or Bible Community’s Facebook page.

May the love of Christ constrain us to deal with these issues in a Christ-like way.

With much love in Christ,
Mike Goldfuss

Pastor of BCC



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